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Apprentice Program

Skilled Trades jobs offer some of the most rewarding work in the auto industry – both personally and financially.  

Journeymen (and women) possess specialized skills that are always in demand. The road to becoming a skilled trades worker at Chrysler begins with the Chrysler-UAW Apprentice Program.

The Apprentice Program is an 8,000-hour program including over 700 hours of training at a local college or university and various on-the-job training assignments.

There are seven apprentice
training classifications:

  • Tool & Die Technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Mechanical Technician - Machine Repair
  • Mechanical Technician - Millwright
  • Mechanical Technician - Pipefitter
  • Jitney Repair
  • Mechanic Diesel

To become a qualified applicant, an individual must submit proof that he or she has completed two semesters of high school or college algebra or geometry, or a combination of both, with a “C” average or better.

When additional training is being planned, current Chrysler employees will be notified by announcements posted in Chrysler facilities. Notices may also be posted at community agencies within a facility’s geographical area to attract qualified external candidates.

If an individual successfully completes the test and meets the required qualification, the candidate will be considered for placement based on their elected trade as openings occur.


At this time, no new applications for the Apprentice Program are being accepted.

When this changes, the information will be posted here and on the homepage of the this website.

For information about the Apprenticeship Program, contact Pat Peralta, UAW, 586.427.4011 or Greg Gomolak, 586.427.4008.