Skilled Trades Rationalization

In the 2011 Negotiations, Letter 253 – Skilled Trades Rationalization – was agreed to, assigning skilled employees to one of three work groups and into one of five classifications:

  • 3 Work Groups:  Electrical Technician, Mechanical Technician and Tool & Die Technician
  • 5 Classifications:  Electrical, Machine Repair, Millwright, Pipefitter, Tool & Die Maker

In support of the Skilled Trades Rationalization Initiative, the World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA) plays a vital role in the development and administration of all required technical training intended to develop the skill sets and capabilities of our Skilled Trades to perform work in a safe manner.  Training will be held primarily at the World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA) and at various in-state and out-of-state locations.

WCMA has developed 36 technical training courses:

  •  3  – Multi purpose
  •  7  – Electrical
  • 16 – Mechanical
  • 10 – Tool & Die

Courses will be provided based the on the identified needs through the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) assessment process.  An annual training schedule forecast will be developed and submitted to all plant LTTC Skilled Trades Representatives and the WCM Lead for each location in December for the next year.  Periodic reviews of the training schedule will take place to ensure the forecast training schedule aligns with plant activities, such as planned changeover. The forecast training schedule is available on this web page.

For questions about STR Training, contact Shawn Fain, UAW, at 586-427-4041, or Lamar Harris, Chrysler Group, at 586-427-4330.