EAP Rep Location Phone Email
Abby Jones (M) Pilot Process Verification Ctr 248.760.5463 abigail.jones@fcagroup.com
Alicia Cunningham (U 1302) Indiana Transmission I and II 765.454.1611 alicia.cunningham@fcagroup.com
Alicia Cunningham (U 1302) Kokomo Casting 765.454.1611 alicia.cunningham@fcagroup.com
Alicia Cunningham (U 1302) Kokomo Transmission 765.454.1611 alicia.cunningham@fcagroup.com
Amanda Hopkins (M) Toledo Machining 419.662.1715 amanda.hopkins@fcagroup.com
Andre Perry (U 1264) Sterling Stamping 586.977.3043 andre.perry@fcagroup.com
Andrew Chizek (U 1284) Chelsea Proving Grounds 734.475.5132 andrew.chizek@fcagroup.com
Barry Linkogle (M) Kokomo Transmission 765.557.6105 barry.linkogle@fcagroup.com
Barry Linkogle (M) Tipton Transmission 765-557-6105 barry.linkogle@fcagroup.com
Bennie Sims III (M) Warren Stamping 586.497.3644 bennie.sims@fcagroup.com
Bill Lovitt (U 1761) Belvidere Assembly 815.547.2579 bill.lovitt@fcagroup.com
Bob Daragon (M) Dundee Engine 734.529.9530 bob.daragon@fcagroup.com
Brenda Netters (M) Mt. Elliott Tool & Die 313.369.7507 brenda.netters@fcagroup.com
Brian West (U 1166) Kokomo Casting 765.454.1066 brian.west@fcagroup.com
Bryon Mills (U 685) Indiana Transmission I and II 765.854.4220 bryon.mills@fcagroup.com
Cale Steines (U 1268) Belvidere Assembly 815.547.2340 cale.steines@fcagroup.com
Carmen Mitchell (U 1435) Toledo Machining 419.661.3574 carmen.mitchell@fcagroup.com
Charlene Hutchinson (M) Toledo Assembly Complex 419.727.7273 charlene.hutchinson@fcagroup.com