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Art opens our minds, touches our hearts and nurtures our souls

Creativity Flourishes Among UAW-DAIMLERCHRYSLER Employees In Unique Gallery Of Artisic Expression.

Welcome to a universe that reveals another side of the UAW and DaimlerChrysler.

It's a universe of vivid watercolor paintings, not spray guns and paint booths.

It's a universe of riveting human-interest photography, not air tools and robots.

It's a universe of unique welded sculpture, not engine mounts and metal stampings.

It's a universe of lacy blown glass, not windshields and moon roofs.

Welcome to Artists at Work 2005-2006.

This new gallery of work by UAW-represented and non-bargaining unit employees is the sixth juried art exhibition sponsored by the UAW-DaimlerChrysler National Training Center. It is the only employee art program of its kind in the country jointly sponsored by a major corporation and a labor union.

The 2005-2006 Artists at Work program attracted a record of nearly 1,500 entries from employees across the country. A new panel of judges from the professional art community selected work by 85 employees, also a new high, representing a diverse range of artistic expression. The show comprises 154 pieces depicted on the following pages.

Judges chose first-, second- and third-place award winners and 15 honorable mention recipients. This year's exhibition also includes an Invited Artists category for top winners from the previous show who were not eligible for a prize in the latest judging but continue to excel.

Employees from 29 DaimlerChrysler locations in the U.S. have work in the 2005-2006 collection. Forty-five of the artists are UAW members from 19 locals, while 40 are from management or non-represented employees. Beginning in February 2006, their work will be showcased at the National Training Center and on special occasions, such as the UAW-DaimlerChrysler Annual Meeting and Joint Conferences.

The National Training Center is grateful to art professionals who support this program. Marilyn Finkel, a consultant and art history professor at Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills, Mich., serves as advisor. The judges for 2005-2006 were: Chia Mroz, an interior designer for Groundworks Design; Loretta Oliver, an African American fiber artist whose works are shown nationally; Joseph Sim, an artist and art installer who teaches humanities at Oakland Community College; and Nick Valenti, head of Oakland Community College's photography department.

Photography of Art: R.H. Hensleigh • Thomas Favazza
Other Photography: Catherine Stoey, UAW Local 412 • Gunther Schabestiel, UAW Local 412 • Bob Erickson, UAW-Chrysler NTC