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Art opens our minds, touches our hearts and nurtures our souls

Employee Art Reveals Another Side of UAW-DaimlerChrysler Partnership

From the design studio to the shop floor, creativity flourishes at the DaimlerChrysler Corporation. On a daily basis, employees represented by the UAW and those from management combine their talents to build quality vehicles that set a high standard for the automotive industry. Applied in different ways, those same talents also rise to the top in the 2003-2004 Artists at Work Exhibition, the fourth such endeavor sponsored by the UAW-DaimlerChrysler National Training Center.

The new employee art exhibition is composed of 130 pieces, each of which is showcased in the following pages. The art was created by 52 DaimlerChrysler employees who distinguished themselves in such visual media as painting, drawing, ceramics, metal sculpture, blown glass, woodwork and photography. Judges from the professional art community selected pieces for the show from more than 700 entries, then selected first-,

second- and third-place award winners as well as presenting honorable mentions to 13 other employees.

Bringing together a cross section of union and non-bargaining unit employees, this unique art gallery symbolizes the strength and diversity of the UAW-DaimlerChrysler partnership. The 2003-2004 exhibit embraces 24 company locations across the United States.

Thirty-six of the artists are UAW members from 19 locals, including assemblers, electricians, metal model makers, a welder and a test driver. There are 16 participants from management who design and engineer vehicles, oversee sales and marketing, or supervise various operations. From November 2003 until November 2004, their work will be exhibited at the National Training Center or at special events, such as the UAW-DaimlerChrysler Annual Meeting and Joint Conferences.

While these 52 artists are in the spotlight, the NTC is grateful to all employees who entered the 2003-2004 Artists at Work competition. Those employees whose artwork was not selected for the exhibition also helped to maintain the high standards associated with this program.

The NTC also deeply appreciates the contributions of art professionals who assisted in planning and implementing this program. Marilyn Finkel, an art history professor at Oakland (Mich.) Community College, served as consultant. The judges were: Gilda Snowden, an abstract painter and professor in the fine arts department at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit; Melanie Johns-Secreto, a private photography dealer in Clarkston, Mich., who has judged shows for the Scarab Club and Michigan Friends of Photography; and Jim Secreto, a freelance advertising photographer who has lectured extensively on the history of photography and taught at the College for Creative Studies.

Since its inception in 1999, the Artists at Work program has exhibited 456 pieces of art by 219 DaimlerChrysler employees.

Photography of Art: R.H. Hensleigh • Thomas Favazza
Other Photography: Catherine Stoey, UAW Local 412 • Gunther Schabestiel, UAW Local 412 • Bob Erickson, UAW-Chrysler NTC