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Art opens our minds, touches our hearts and nurtures our souls


Unleashing their creativity, UAW members and non-bargaining unit employees at DaimlerChrysler Corporation have painted a new portrait of excellence in the 2002-2003 Artists at Work Exhibition. The gallery of art presented in this catalog is a tribute to the enormous and sometimes unrecognized talents possessed by men and women who work at DaimlerChrysler facilities across the United States.

The UAW-DaimlerChrysler National Training Center is again proud to showcase employees who represent the best of the automotive industry through the third Artists at Work program. These employees set a high standard of achievement in their lives outside of work as well as on the job.

Reflecting a diverse range of artistic talent, the 2002-2003 Artists at Work Exhibition has grown to 135 pieces, each of which is shown in this catalog. The art was created by 69 DaimlerChrysler employees who distinguished themselves in such visual media as painting, drawing, ceramics, metal sculpture, blown glass, woodwork and photography. Judges from the professional art community chose pieces in the exhibition from about 800 entries submitted for the Artists at Work competition. The judges then selected first-, second- and third-place winners and awarded honorable mentions to 19 other employees.

The art will be exhibited at the National Training Center, as well as being available for display at UAW-DaimlerChrysler special events.

Representing 30 DaimlerChrysler locations and 22 UAW locals, the employees are as diverse as their talents. They assemble vehicles, operate furnaces, drive hi-los, perform skilled trades and distribute parts. They also design and engineer vehicles, direct programs and provide an array of technical and other support services. Some are self-taught artists and others have college degrees in art. Some apply their artistic talents in the workplace and others create art purely for the love of it. Some have participated in other exhibitions and others are showcasing their talent for the first time through Artists at Work. Their common bond is a deep appreciation for art's role in enriching our lives.

The NTC is grateful to all employees who participated in the 2002-2003 Artists at Work competition. Those employees whose artwork was not selected for the exhibition also helped to establish Artists at Work as one of the most successful joint programs sponsored by the National Training Center.

The NTC also thanks the art professionals who helped to plan and implement this program. Marilyn Finkel, an art history professor at Oakland Community College, served as consultant. She was joined as a judge by Paul Holoweski, an art consultant and appraiser, and Krishelle Myers, an artist and designer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan.

Photography of Art: R.H. Hensleigh • Thomas Favazza
Other Photography: Catherine Stoey, UAW Local 412 • Gunther Schabestiel, UAW Local 412 • Bob Erickson, UAW-Chrysler NTC