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Art opens our minds, touches our hearts and nurtures our souls


For the second year, the UAW and DaimlerChrysler Corporation are proud to recognize employees who have distinguished themselves in the Artists at Work Exhibition. These men and women set a high standard of achievement on and off the job, and enrich the lives of everyone who experiences their art.

Their artistic success send a powerful message about the broad range of talents represented by the UAW-DaimlerChrysler workforce, and help to make it one of the most respected in the automotive industry.

The 2000-2001 exhibition has grown to 119 pieces in various visual media, each of which is depicted in this catalog. The art was created by 56 UAW-represented and non-bargaining unit DaimlerChrysler employees in the United States. Their work was chosen from nearly 1,100 pieces entered in the Artists at Work competition, sponsored by the UAW-DaimlerChrysler Nation Training Center. A judging panel selected the first-, second- and third- place winners as well as awarding honorable mentions to 14 other employees.

The art will be displayed at the NTC, as well as being exhibited on special occasions, such as the 2001 UAW-DaimlerChrysler Annual Meeting and Joint Conference.

Coming from 24 Daimler Chrysler locations, the employees are as diverse as their talents. They assemble vehicles, operate machines, drive hi-los, perform skilled trades, program computers, provide engineering expertise and work in offices. Some are self-taught and other have college degrees in art. Some apply their artistic talents in the workplace and others create art purely for the love of it. Some have participated in other exhibitions and others are showcasing their talent for the first time through Artists at Work. Their common bond is a commitment to excellence, and a deep appreciation for the importance of art in our lives.

The National Training Center is grateful to the art professionals who assisted in the planning, implementation and judging for this program. Marilyn Finkel, an art history professor at Oakland Community College, served as principal consultant. She was joined as a judge by Paul Holoweski, an art consultant and appraiser; Krishelle Myers, an artist and designer for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, and Henry Tanakta, an art professor at Oakland Community College.

Photography of Art: R.H. Hensleigh • Thomas Favazza
Other Photography: Catherine Stoey, UAW Local 412 • Gunther Schabestiel, UAW Local 412 • Bob Erickson, UAW-Chrysler NTC