About NTC

National Training Center Offers Programs to Help Workers Achieve Success On and Off the Job.

The UAW-Chrysler National Training Center (NTC) oversees joint programs that improve job skills, enhance competitiveness and enrich the personal lives of UAW-represented workers at FCA US LLC.

The UAW-Chrysler National Training Center, 2211 East Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Since its founding in 1985, the Detroit-based NTC has played an important role in helping to create a world-class workforce through union-management cooperation and a commitment to lifelong learning. The NTC operates the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Academy in suburban Warren, Mich. The academy is a state-of-the art facility, jointly administered by the UAW and FCA US, where workers learn about the WCM production system. WCM is the driving force behind the manufacturing transformation that has propelled the company’s dramatic turnaround by emphasizing worker involvement, increased productivity and improved vehicle quality. Elsewhere in the 135,000-square-foot Warren facility, skilled trades and production workers take a broad array of classes designed to help them keep pace with rapidly changing technology. Courses range from such subjects as robotics and welding to metal finishing, electrical troubleshooting and computer-aided design. Other NTC programs also support WCM, including Health and Safety. The NTC works closely with local union and management representatives at FCA US plants to create injury-free workplaces. Those efforts extend from training and certifying the credentials of health and safety reps to conducting periodic safety audits to help identify potential hazards on the shop floor. The NTC also seeks to help create a positive work environment by providing training that creates diversity awareness among workers and addresses such issues as preventing sexual harassment and workplace violence.

The World Class Manufacturing Academy 2500 East Nine Mile Road, Warren, Mich.

Improving quality of life outside of work and providing a  social safety net for UAW members and their families are  other priorities of union and management. The NTC coordinates the Employee Assistance Program that provides confidential referrals to help workers resolve a variety of personal challenges such as marital problems or financial distress. Assistance also is available to help families find reliable care for children and elderly dependents. Consistent with its educational focus, the NTC administers the UAW-Chrysler Tuition Assistance Program that provides financial assistance for eligible workers to take job-related, degree-seeking courses at nationally and regionally accredited educational institutions. Created in 1985 contract negotiations, the National Training Center is funded under a formula pegged to hours worked in FCA US plants where workers are represented by the UAW. The NTC is governed by a Joint Activities Board composed of eight members from union and management and is led by Miguel Foster, Co-Director, UAW, and LaMar Harris, Co-Director, FCA US. After three decades of partnership through the NTC, the UAW and FCA US look forward to building on past success by continuing to work together to achieve common goals of sustainable profitability for the company and job security for workers.